Bear Necessities


We are self-contained with own hi-tech sound system and 6kw lighting system. We usually perform 2 x 60 minute or 3 x 40 minute sets.

We pride ourselves in our rigorous attention to detail. Allied to that, with the very latest in technology, we deliver a memorable performance everytime.

We have a repertioire of over 200 songs. We usually ask our clients to choose about 45 songs from which to create a 2 hour set.

Typical timings below.

Free DJ Service

We provide music in between performances, negating the extra expense of a DJ.

It is Free of Charge

As well as our own stage lighting we also include disco “scanner” light show for the dance floor – also Free of Charge. We bring haze/smoke if permitted by venue – FoC

We have a ton of tunes on our system, most of which can be danced to…

Venue Requirements

In this day and age of Health and Safety gone mad most venues require the band to have Public Liability Insurance.  We are covered for £10 million.

Also required: PAT (Portable Appliance Test – certificate) Is the equipment safe?  Yes.

Some venues have sound-meters installed to meet with council requirements. We never have a problem with them.



A typical running time schedule for a wedding would be:

6.00 – Load in and set up by 7.00
8.15 – First dance immediately followed by The Bears 1st set of 40 mins
9. 00 – Buffet – The Bears to provide recorded music
10.00 – The Bears 2nd set of 40 mins
10.40 – Recorded music – Dance floor fillers
11.00 – The Bears 3rd set of 40 mins
11.40 – Recorded music – Wind down music for cheek to cheek romantic dancing.
12.00 – Venue Curfew

Sound limiters

Some venues have sound limiters to restrict the volume of a band. They work by detecting the loudest peaks of volume and if that volume exceeds the preset threshold (90db for example) then the power to the stage is cut. They can sometimes be a pain in the arse and are becoming more and more prevalent but The Bears are experienced at working with them and the constrictions that they impose.

Dance floor dynamics

The Bears are adept at reading the dance floor and adapting the set “on the fly” to keep it filled. We are mindful that the demography of a wedding  necessitates a mixed set of old and new songs. In practice, the old ‘ns (parents generation) will be on the dance floor at the very beginning and the very end. The blokes (groom’s generation) usually need a few lemonades to find their dance-feet, and then there is no stopping them

Say hi, we don’t bite! Grrrrrrr

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