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OFFICIALLY London's best covers band and wedding band Rock / Pop Classic Party Anthems from the 60s to the 00s

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Officially the best wedding band in London

The Bears are proud to be celebrating 10 years in business
that's almost 2,000 gigs played
200+ thousand miles travelled
500+ venues rocked 200+ thousand people entertained
Millions of notes plucked
Countless recommendations and rebookings And NEVER one gig missed.
That's right. Not ONE! That's pretty reassuring ... You are in the safe hands (paws) of The Bears
Pop/Rock classic party anthems from 60s to 00s Huge repertoire for any occasion - Over 200 songs. That means we can play to any dancefloor demographic!!!
Parties, Weddings, Corporate events, Clubs and Functions
Self-contained - Own sound system, stage lights and dance-floor lights
Recorded music provided between performances free of charge
Prestigious venues and clients: Too numerous to mention
wedding band Blazing a successful trail through the venues and clubs of London and England, we introduce to you: The Bears, a wildly addictive, charismatic four piece covers and wedding band currently wowing audiences the length and breadth of the UK. (wow!)
With their enthusiasm and passion for LIVE music, and the attention to detail with which they reproduce great rock and pop, this combo of two guitars, bass, drums and four part harmonies, never fail to deliver a great show. They are unrivaled in their expertise. No gig is too big or too small and their professional attitude and joy of playing live is just one of the reasons why they're always in such great demand with their massive 200 song repertoire..
Check out those splendid, gushing Facebook comments over there>>>
Click on the Youtube link above to see a cool wedding band in action. This gig was recorded at The Roadhouse in Covent Garden. The music you hear is totally live (It is not a studio recording that is dubbed onto some footage - That is cheating!) For a wedding, we would play something a little less rock-focused for a mix demography :)

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A large, ever expanding repertoire of current hits, cult classics and old time favourites for an unforgettable night of excitement; from the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" or The Kinks' "You Really Got Me" , through singalong classics like "Sweet Caroline" to floor fillers such as "Mr Brightside" & "I Gotta Feeling" and Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire", Daft Punk's"Get Lucky", Pharrell Williams' "Happy", "Uptown Funk" - Bruno Mars
– everyone is pleasured.

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The wedding bands choice for the celebs!

Everybody wants to see The Bears!

What they lack in fingers they make up for in toes.

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Contact The Bears
16 Linnet Walk
AL10 8RG
01707 262622


Q: What power requirements do you require on stage?
A: At least two 13 amp sockets - preferably four.
NB: Please ensure generators for marquees are up to the job - nobody likes the panic and carnage that ensues during a total black out ;)

Q: How big a performance area do you need?
A: At least 6m x 2m but we can play on a postage stamp if required. Take a look at this>>> set up example

Q: Do you need actual staging?
A: No

Q: Can you play music in between live sets?
A: Yes. We are not DJs but let's face it, it's really easy!

Q:What happens if one of your members is sick - do you have back up musicians?
A: Yes - they are available at short notice though it has to be said it has happened once in 6 years. The show must go on!

Q: My future wife and I both have left-feet and are very bad dancers. We'd like to get the first dance over and done with asap. Any suggestions?
A: Counter-intuitively, we'd recommend an uptempo song - That way, you'll soon be joined on the dancefloor by your guests, thereby taking the spotlight off you and your terrible dancing! Anyhow, you should know: Nobody can dance - except show-offs! ...and nobody likes a show-off!

PS Most people leave the first dance/I-pod with the best man to give us... or a friend or a relative ... the bride's father perhaps? or the groom's father .... as long as it is somebody responsible.

Q: Can we bring our own I-pod with our own playlists?
A: Of course. We have the facility to play audio/mp3s and a pod base unit with the relevant connections.

Q. Do you have Public Liability Insurance ?
A. Yes - You can download it here

Q. Is your equipment PAT tested ?
A. Yes - You can download it here

Q: We've seen you play live and your set rocks, can you play some older stuff for the relatives at our party.
A: Of course. Trust us, we're not idiots you know.

Q: How did you become so talented?
A: Well mum, it's because of your nurturing and support when I was going through my difficult teenage years.

Q: - in drunken voice - 'ere....'ere ...'ere do you know...burp! that song by woshish-name?....errr..incomprehensible noise - you know!!! - slurring - attempt at singing... attempt at grabbing the mic etc.
A: I'm sorry sir, you're interrupting our flow of creativity. Would you kindly make your way to the back of the auditorium?

Q: I am having my wedding in Kazakstan, what arrangements do I need to make to transport your dancing bear?
A: See diagram diagram

Q: The venue is on the first floor and there is only an escalator for access. Will that be a problem?
A: Rest assured, our skilled crew will able to navigate the escalator with ease.

Q: Some of my partner's family are socially inept and apt to cause trouble, do you have any suggestions?
A: Let's keep them off the "fizzy drinks"...

Q: Do you think I may have been a little optimistic about losing enough weight to fit into my size 8 dress
A: No, you look fine

Q: Do you think the red/white floral combo detracts from the overall concept?
A: No, it works!

Q: Do you need a dressing room?
A: Not really, but if there is one available, we'd rather not share with the catering staff again...

Q: We have children, can you provide some kind of creche facility?
A: Rest assured, our qualified child carer will able to take care of everything.

Q: Do you like Scotsmen?
A: They're ok, but we prefer a quiet night in, having a nice drink and stuff

Q: What do you guys do in your spare time?
A: Nothing

Q: Uh???
A: ??? Yes, that's right, a rubber pony!

Q: I am thinking of booking The Bears, what do I do next?
A: Send an email to our admin team. They are eagerly awaiting your

Q: What happens if we "drag our feet" while The Bears' diary is filling fast?
A: You will end up getting this!

Q: I noticed that The Bears regularly play gigs for celebs, what do you think of Kylie Minogue? Is she a fan of bears.
A: Quite frankly we think Kylie Minogue is disgusting.

Supplementary questions - Science and Nature...

Q: Do you think the polar ice caps are melting?
A: It's not looking good is it?

Q: Do Polar Bears like wine gums?
A: Yes they love them, so it's important not to carry them in your pocket

Q: Do you have any pictures of polar bears attacking humans?
A: Yes


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